What is sustainable tourism?

Sustainable tourism provides an exciting and important opportunity to transform your business for the better, while benefiting the community, environment, and positively impacting the NT’s visitor experience.

Sustainable tourism aims to preserve natural resources, protect biodiversity, promote cultural heritage, and support local economies. It encompasses responsible tourism Tooltip button, ecotourism Tooltip button and regenerative tourism Tooltip button

It is both an opportunity and a responsibility and all Territory tourism businesses are encouraged to get involved. Committing to sustainability is important, regardless of how big or small your actions are. What matters most is that you start the journey and then continue to take steps forward to improve. 

Travellers are interested in sustainable travel options

are looking for sustainable options1
are willing to pay more for sustainable travel1

Sustainable tourism explained

1 Expedia Group, Sustainable Travel Study, published 2022.

Sustainable Toolkit

Why become sustainable?

Many travellers now expect and preference sustainable travel options. By making positive change, you will gain a competitive advantage and benefit from increased bookings, reduced operating costs and increased customer satisfaction.

Why embrace sustainability

Our aspirations:

The Northern Territory is a compelling destination for authentic sustainable travel.

NT tourism is a positive driver for sustainable development and the conservation of our natural and cultural landscape and heritage.


Promote your actions

It is important to clearly and accurately communicate your sustainability actions and information to assure travellers of your credentials and commitments.

What are visitors looking for?
Where do travellers source their information?
How can you communicate your sustainable information?

Create your own sustainability strategy

Use our template to help you identify and manage your targets, actions and outcomes, in line with your wider business strategy.  

Download your sustainability strategy template

Your sustainable travel toolkit

Save your own toolkit with all the information, tips and tools to become a sustainable travel provider.

Download your sustainable travel toolkit

Responsible Tourism

Responsible tourism is any form of tourism that can be consumed in a more responsible way. It minimises negative social, economic and environmental impacts, generates greater economic benefits for local people and enhances the well-being of host communities.


The United Nations World Tourism Organisation defines ecotourism as: all nature-based forms of tourism in which the main motivation of the tourists is the observation and appreciation of nature as well as the traditional cultures prevailing in natural areas.

Regenerative tourism

Regenerative tourism goes beyond sustainable tourism and is based on adding a positive impact to the local community and environment.

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