Sea Darwin

Sustainability and ecotourism have been core business principles for Sea Darwin since they first began operations. They focus on local people and community and their product is based on an overarching care for the planet.

Sea Darwin give back to the community through active involvement in marine clean-ups, data contributions to marine research, subsidised interpretive cruises for schools, and support for both Austurtle (from 2010, five percent of every turtle tour ticket sold has been contributed to Austurtle) and the North Australian Marine Megafauna Research Project.

Sea Darwin visits Njulbitjlk (Bare Sand Island) with the permission of Traditional Owners to provide turtle tourism on the island. They always have a qualified turtle guide and ensure visitors stay on the beach or dunes, do not light fires, only use sea turtle-friendly lights, leave no rubbish and do not visit the sacred site.

People sitting on the beach next to nesting turtles

How has the business benefited?

  • Attracted and retained like-minded staff.
  • Attracted like-minded interstate and international travellers who are seeking sustainable experiences.
  • Received regular bookings from conference and education groups.
  • Success in both NT Brolga Tourism Awards and Australian Tourism awards.
  • Promotion and marketing opportunities with media outlets, Tourism NT and Tourism Australia.

Tips for other businesses?

“Sustainability is a way of thinking and operating. Once you make the change, the benefits will outweigh any costs.”


  • ECO certified Advanced Ecotourism and Respecting our Culture Certified (Ecotourism Australia)

Page last updated on 08 August 2023