Our vision

Bawaka Beach

Our Vision is to grow overnight holiday visitor expenditure in the Northern Territory to between $1.46 billion and $1.79 billion by 2030.

As the Territory’s largest employing industry, estimated to employ directly and indirectly 15,600 Territorians or 11.8 per cent of the total NT workforce, growing the tourism industry is vital to building a bigger economy for the Territory.

The ‘visitor economy’ which is supported by the tourism sector includes visitors who come for leisure, business events, corporate travel, to visit friends and relatives and other purposes.

2030 Strategic Framework

Performance measurement

To monitor the overall effectiveness of the strategies outlined in the NT’s Tourism Industry Strategy 2030, Tourism NT has developed a set of broad indicators to measure the performance of the NT tourism industry.

Tourism NT will use these indicators to track performance against the targets articulated in the Operational Plan it develops each financial year, in pursuit of the targets outlined in the NT's Tourism Industry Strategy 2030.

An overview of performance of the tourism industry each year is contained in Tourism NT’s Annual Report. Regular research updates and additional insights on Northern Territory tourism are available on this website.

Page last updated on 01 June 2020