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COVID what to do before arriving

  • 15 December 2021
Border restrictions from 20 December 2021.

Border Entry

Anyone who is fully vaccinated can enter the Northern Territory without having to quarantine.

You must:

  • Complete a Border Entry Form before arriving in the NT
  • Have a negative RAT test within 2 hours of arrival in the NT and lodge an online declaration form
  • Have a RAT test within 3 days after arriving in the NT
  • Have a RAT test on Day 6 after arriving in the NT
  • You can travel anywhere in the Northern Territory except to an exclusion zone for the purpose of travel, within 14 days of your arrival to the NT. Exclusion zones are communities that have a full vaccination rate of less than 80 per cent for residents aged 5 years and over. They do not include service centres.

Find out more about the Northern Territory arrival information.

Page last updated on 04 January 2022