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A million reasons to fish the NT

  • 01 September 2020
Fishing on Corroboree Billabong
Registrations are now open for Season 6 of Million Dollar Fish (MDF) with SEVEN times the chance to reel in the biggest catch of your life.    

A staggering seven red-tagged barra worth $1 million each are swimming around Northern Territory waterways - the Season 6 Million Dollar Fish, plus the Million Dollar Fish from all the previous seasons. Once any one of the seven Million Dollar Fish are caught, the remaining six revert to $10,000 value.

The previous season’s $1 million tag numbers to look out for include:

  • S1-MDF1469
  • S2-MDF2656
  • S3-MDF3556
  • S4-MDF4540 and S4-MDF4663
  • S5-MDF5501

There's also a further 100 red-tagged barra worth $10,000 each and 20 $5,000 purple-tagged barra – win $2,500 for you, and $2,500 for the MDF charity of your choice.

For the first time ever, there's a new category of tagged fish: the Double Tag Barra. With one released in each MDF fishing location across the Top End (totalling five fish), fishos who catch the Double Tag Barra win $10,000, plus $5,000 for a mate who’s been having a tough time this year.

Registered Season 6 participants who reel in a tagged fish can score even more with the first-ever official MDF shirt. Made in Darwin by BigFish Gear, the limited edition shirt could be your lucky charm – if you’re wearing it when you catch a tagged fish, you’ll land an extra $1,000 of prizes.  

By simply registering for Season 6 you also go into the Lucky Prize Pool, with $50,000 worth of prizes from MDF partners up for grabs.

The MDF competition reels in fishing fanatics from all over, and anglers have caught more than 40 tagged fish since the competition began in 2015. The elusive Million Dollar Fish is yet to be landed.

Season 6 starts on 1 October 2020 and runs until 31 March 2021. You must be registered to claim a prize. Registrations are now open. Register for free at

Page last updated on 01 September 2020