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Dedicated Drive Tourism Strategy released

  • 06 September 2021
Road trip through the Territory
Tourism NT has launched the Northern Territory Drive Tourism Strategy 2021 - 2030 to identify key product and marketing opportunities to further develop the Northern Territory offering as a drive destination for the holiday market.

Implementation of the Drive Tourism Strategy will increase coordination between regions and stakeholders for both infrastructure and marketing activities to improve length and quality of visitor stay, aligning with opportunities and initiatives identified in Tourism NT’s regional Destination Management Plans.

Comprehensive industry and government consultation guided the development of the Strategy, with assistance provided by the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics to ensure tourism benefits are considered in relation to the delivery of new road infrastructure. Identified opportunities include upgrades to critical tourism enabling roads, for example, the Central Arnhem Road, the Mereenie Loop and Kakadu access roads to improve infrastructure and access across the Northern Territory, including telecommunications.

Tourism NT will work with stakeholders to ensure prioritised implementation of key product and marketing opportunities, allowing the Territory to capitalise on new post-COVID-19 trends and domestic tourism growth. Visitor experience developments include:

  • enhancing collaborative marketing efforts with the South Australian Government (Explorers Way route), and Western Australian and Queensland Governments (Savannah Way)
  • work with the Australian Government to deliver on priority road projects, especially within Parks Australia’s joint managed national parks
  • ensuring tourism benefits are considered in relation to new road infrastructure
  • modernising camping and recreational vehicle (RV) grounds
  • working with Land Councils and Traditional Owners to develop and consider tourism opportunities along key drive routes.

Find out more information on the Drive market and view the Drive Tourism Strategy here.

Page last updated on 07 September 2021