Become a sustainability focused business

  • 23 February 2024

Federal Government grants of up to $25,000 are now available to small and medium businesses (1-199 employees) for initiatives that reduce energy costs and carbon emissions. The Energy Efficiency Grants can be used for technologies that monitor energy use, provide analytics and consultancy advice to pinpoint improved practices and opportunities for more efficient systems.

One example of such an initiative is the My Green Butler (MGB) program, which is currently being implemented at Magnum Serviced Apartments in Darwin. The MGB program is a holistic software solution for tourist accommodation to progress their sustainability goals. The program encourages staff and guests to adapt their behaviours towards more sustainable practices through education, games and incentives. Some components Magnum has added through the program include air-conditioner monitors for optimal energy use, signage and tablets in each room to educate guests and energy reduction of bar fridges through filling the freezers with multi use items like ice cube trays and ice blocks. With the installation of the MGB program, Magnum is aiming to improve its carbon footprint and reduce total energy use by 30% year on year.

Along with the MGB program, Magnum has several additional sustainability initiatives in place, which include:

  • Water flow restrictors installed for all 30 showers, which reduce water flow rate of each shower head from 19L/minute to 6.5L/minute. In 3 hours of combined shower time, enough water has been saved to fill up the top infinity pool.
  • Three bins included in each apartment, as well as the office, for recycling of 10 cent beverage containers, general waste and paper/cardboard.
  • Single use plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles replaced with refillable bathroom containers.
  • Energy-saving remote controls introduced along with LED lighting.
  • Magnetic sensors added to the apartment balconies’ glass doors, which automatically turn off the air-conditioning after doors have been left open for 10 minutes.

This type of technology and equipment is a game changer when considering how to start your journey to sustainability and can be covered by the Energy Efficient Grant program.

If you’re interested in starting your journey to sustainability, check out Tourism NT’s Sustainable Tourism Toolkit or apply for an Energy Efficient Grant today – applications close 8 April 2024.

Page last updated on 01 March 2024