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Seek Different Campaign Tools for Trade

There’s nothing like the excitement of an upcoming holiday. And for Australians there are plenty of spectacular destinations competing to be the destination of choice for 2021.

Lucky for the NT, we are in the right place to offer Australians what they need from a holiday which is why Tourism NT is launching a national awareness campaign.

The objective of the campaign is to create awareness for the Northern Territory as a destination that is ‘different in every sense’ and increase visitation to the Territory throughout 2021.

The campaign will be in market from 28 February to 24 April 2021 and will target all domestic travel intenders who are eager to explore their own backyard this year.

The key message of the campaign is ‘Seek Different’. The Northern Territory isn’t trying to be different. It just is. So we are telling Australians that if they seek different, then the NT is the holiday for them!

Holidaymakers across Australia will be targeted with inspirational ads and content, across television, cinemas, newspapers, social media, online sites and whilst watching catch up TV. Anyone who shows an interest in holidaying to the NT will then be targeted with can’t be missed deals from trade partners.

For trade, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of the campaign to sell the NT. 

How to get involved:

Use these campaign key messages in your communications to your clients and highlight your NT products and packages:
• If you seek different, then this is the holiday for you.
• The Northern Territory, different in every sense.
• The Northern Territory isn’t trying to be different. It just is.
Eg: If you seek different, then this is the cruise for you.

Ensure your website content, images and videos are up to date and align with the campaign imagery:

Watch the Tourism NT webinar which highlights some of the regions ‘different’ experiences 
- Tiwi Islands
- Top End: Ten best 'different' activities to do

Use these templates for your social media:

Share the campaign messaging on your social media using the hashtag
#NTAustralia and tagging @NTAustralia

For inspiration, watch the campaign video here:

For further information about this exciting campaign and how to get involved, please email:
[email protected]

Page last updated on 15 March 2021