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Social Media Pillar

This is a Core Pillar on the Nine-Pillar Roadmap

Social media marketing is a form of online marketing that utilises social networking applications as a marketing tool. Social media is important for businesses and is an inexpensive way of increasing brand exposure, broadening customer reach and engaging past and potential customers.

Depending on whether you want to build awareness for your business, drive sales or share experiences, there is a social media platform that can work for your business.

The new travel agent

Social media no longer sits in the awareness and advocacy stages of booking a holiday – it’s the new travel agent. Consumers are finding destination inspiration, planning trips and even booking getaways all on their platform of choice. What was once a linear travel marketing path could now be described as circular, offering new online touch points along the consumer journey.

Consider the basics

Before you use social media platforms to market your product, it is important to understand the basics:


Understanding your customers, who they are and their interests will help you develop relevant and interesting content. Your posts can both inspire and inform new and existing customers, and be used to create engagement with your target audience.


Don’t make the mistake of trying to be everywhere online all the time. Think carefully about the relevance of each social media platform to your business. Consider how each individual account fits into your business objectives.


It can be difficult to find time to create content and make meaningful posts across several social media platforms, but the key is consistency. Whether you post multiple times per day, once a day or once a week, building your brand on social media will take time and, more importantly, consistency to get traction. Use tools to help you make and schedule posts in advance to save time.


Be sure to encourage your customers and visitors to engage with your brand on social media – include your handles on marketing materials and online.

Use hashtags to get traction

Hashtags are letters, numbers, words or groups of words without spaces preceded by a # sign. This turns the term into a searchable item that people can use to share an interest or topic.

Using hashtags correctly will increase engagement, help to categorise your posts, attract new followers to your product or business, strengthen your brand image and help to reach your target audience.

Include social media in your marketing plan

Include social media into your marketing plan to outline what you plan to do and achieve through your social networks. Ideally, your plan should include an audit of where your accounts are today, the goals you want to achieve and the tools you are going to use to achieve them.

The goal of using social media for marketing is to produce content that users will want to share with their social network. Every action on social networks should be part of a broader social media marketing strategy.

This means that every post, reply, like and tag is guided by a plan that has your business goals in mind.

Page last updated on 22 September 2020