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Online Reputation Management Pillar

This is an Additional Pillar of the Nine-Pillar Roadmap

The digital era has made it easy for individuals to instantly share thoughts and reviews of their experiences online. While happy customers can generate great exposure for your business, negative comments can become damaging unless they are used as business improvement opportunities.

Understand the importance of online reviews

Tracking your online reviews is important to see where your business is excelling and where you can improve. One of the best ways to maintain a positive online reputation is to be proactive about your digital customer service and respond to reviews and other online feedback.

The fast-paced and public nature of online reviews requires businesses to not only provide a timely response but also to address and resolve customers’ concerns in a positive and effective way.

If you are consistently receiving the same constructive feedback, you should consider taking appropriate action to address these issues.

The busier your business becomes, the more reviews you will receive, however keeping on top of these across multiple review platforms can be challenging. You may want to consider using a software program to help you manage your online reviews from one place. Programs such as ReviewPro allow you to monitor your reviews from a central dashboard and provide detailed semantics to help you improve customer satisfaction.

Monitor your online reputation with ReviewPro

ReviewPro is the world leader in guest intelligence solutions. The system scans online customer reviews from over 175 online travel agencies and review sites in 45 languages, collates the data and generates user-friendly, comparative reports.

ReviewPro gives you a deeper understanding of your business’ online reputation and enables you to prioritise operational and service improvements, delivering better guest experiences, increase guest satisfaction, and boost bookings and revenue.

The ReviewPro dashboard provides four top-line visual statistics on your business’s online reputation and performance. These include:

  1. Global Review Index™ (GRI) - GRI is the industry-standard online reputation score and is calculated using online review star ratings. It is not a simple average as it takes into account recency of reviews as well as volume and rating.
  2. Reviews - The number of reviews received over a chosen time period and shows the breakdown of positive, neutral and negative reviews.
  3. Semantic Analysis - The semantic analysis breaks down written reviews into mentions of key concepts. The system then, using artificial intelligence, analyses the sentiment of each mention and classifies it as either positive or negative.
  4. Management response - The management response indicates the percentage of reviews that have been responded to and compares this to the previous set period.

Access ReviewPro for your business

If you are currently accredited through the Quality Tourism Framework (QTF), you can access ReviewPro for free. If you are not accredited, you can access ReviewPro for a fee. 

For more information contact your RTO.

Page last updated on 22 September 2020