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Industry Connectivity Pillar

This is an Additional Pillar of the Nine-Pillar Roadmap

Just as tourism connects locals, interstate and international travellers to the NT, it is also important for tourism businesses to connect with the broader tourism industry to stay up-to-date and develop professional relationships.

Connect locally

Connecting to the tourism industry through networking functions and business events is vital to getting your business known locally. The better you are known, the more frequently your business will be mentioned so consider attending as many functions as possible. A membership with your RTO offers many opportunities that will connect you to the industry, including member-only functions such as general meetings, workshops, social forums, industry updates and more.

Another way to connect with industry is through the NT Chamber of Commerce, which holds regular networking events to allow members to develop relationships, exchange ideas and improve their professional skills. Professional connections can also be made through sector-specific memberships.

Connect internationally

Are you ready to connect your tourism product with vital distribution channels in important overseas markets?

Tourism NT works with distribution specialists based across Europe, the Americas and Asia. To access opportunities in your key international markets, work closely with Tourism NT and our international offices to ensure your business meets best-practice expectations. By working with Tourism NT, you can strengthen your international development strategy. Develop international connections and stay in contact by attending in-market events relevant to your target markets.

Share your updates

When connecting with your RTO and Tourism NT, share your product updates, announcements and positive news stories to maximise your businesses exposure.

Stay informed

Tourism NT and the RTOs communicate tourism industry information through their industry newsletters and updates. Information can include:

  • Business support opportunities
  • Industry news and media releases
  • Industry networking events and briefing dates
  • Intra-Territory, interstate and international co-op marketing opportunities
  • NT Government department and third party announcements relevant to the tourism industry.

Actively engage with Tourism NT and your RTO to access business assistance and stay informed.

Page last updated on 22 September 2020