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Export Ready Pillar

This is an Additional Pillar of the Nine-Pillar Roadmap

If you’re considering marketing your business overseas, your business must be export ready. Building your business in the domestic market first will ensure you have strong foundations before marketing overseas. Your business should have an online presence and booking system in place and a good network of distribution partners.

The first steps to becoming Export Ready are:

Be accessible to international customers

The first step in becoming Export Ready is to make your business accessible to customers in all time zones. Even if your products are seasonal, ensure you are contactable year-round by email so that international customers are able to enquire about your product and make bookings well in advance.

Understand commission structures

Commission is a payment for a service provided to your business. In tourism, the service is the introduction of a customer to your business that leads to a sale. Travel agents, booking agents, wholesale agents and inbound agents all charge a fee for the service they provide. They each play a different role and charge different levels of commission — usually up to 30 per cent.

Export ready products need to factor in appropriate commissions into their pricing structure in order to pay third parties to market and sell their product.

Become a member of the Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC)

Membership with the Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC) is a key starting point for any business becoming Export Ready. ATEC members are provided with the opportunity to connect their business with distribution channels and services with other suppliers. An ATEC membership certifies the tourism industry that your business is Export Ready and that you understand the requirements of the international market.

Attend key industry events

Throughout the year, there is a busy calendar of industry events that provide you with the opportunity to showcase your product to your international target market/s.

Opportunities include:

  • International trade shows
    Tourism NT participates in and coordinates a number of trade shows and events each year to promote the NT and the range of tourism products available. These trade shows and events are held both within Australia and in our key international markets, bringing together our tourism industry and travel agents with travel wholesalers from around the world.
  • International Managers Meetings (IMM)
    Become involved in the annual International Managers Meetings (IMM), where Tourism NT’s managers based in key overseas locations participate in product updates and famils in the Territory. Tourism NT offers a range of events both onshore and offshore to support NT tourism businesses in developing international connections.
  • Attend the Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE)
    The Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE) is Australia’s largest annual tourism and travel business-to-business forum. The ATE is an opportunity to showcase your product to international buyers, meet overseas contacts and negotiate business deals. This event is attended by approximately 1,500 delegates every year, including more than 550 Australian tourism businesses and over 650 domestic and international buyer delegates and media representatives.
Page last updated on 23 September 2020