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Nine-Pillar Roadmap

The Nine-Pillar Roadmap is a checklist that helps assess business maturity. Tourism NT alongside our partners, has worked hard to deliver a program that simplifies the process of business development for Northern Territory tourism operators. 


It is also the foundation of the Business Enterprise Program.


Four core pillars identify the foundation of all NT tourism businesses; and five additional pillars underpin business growth and success.

Each pillar is separated into three levels – developing, established and leading - and contains important actions that you can take to improve and strengthen your tourism business.

Some benchmarks within the pillars may not be applicable to your business. The relevance of these benchmarks will depend on your business goals.

Northern Territory operators can use this roadmap to help you identify the maturity of your business and what areas of your business can be developed. Our team is also on hand to help you navigate this process.

Page last updated on 22 September 2020