Signage - Directional road signs

Directional road signs help navigate visitors to their intended destination, and hence are sometimes also known as navigational signs. Directional road signs include:

Directional signage

White on Green (background)

Tourist signage (directional and usually close to the facility)

White on Brown (background)

Facility and Service signage

White on Blue (background)

While directional signage may be sometimes be considered a marketing tool, this is not their primary purpose.

In the Northern Territory directional road signage is the responsibility of the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics (DIPL).

When assessing the suitability of directional road signs DIPL work to the Guidelines developed by the National Tourism Signing Reference Group (NTSRG) including the below:

For more general information on the NTSRG guidelines and standards click here.

More information

To discuss directional road signage please contact:

Transport Infrastructure Planning Division

Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics

Phone: 1300 011 151

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