International marketing

International marketing means promoting your business in overseas markets.

The key to being successful internationally is first having a strong presence  in Australia.

It will take time to establish and position your product in the international market and to achieve a good level of international sales.

Tourism Australia’s role

Tourism Australia (TA) is the Australian Government agency responsible for attracting international visitors to Australia for both leisure and business events.

Tourism Australia works with Tourism NT to build awareness of the Northern Territory in key international markets. TA campaigns and social media will often feature experiences, attractions and regions of the Territory.  

Tourism Australia’s corporate website- has resources and tools to help tourism businesses connect with international travellers and market themselves internationally. 

Tourism NT’s role

Tourism NT promotes the Northern Territory as a destination in 20 international markets under the banner of Australia’s Outback. 

Through our international marketing strategies, we  aim to increase international visitation, encourage visitors to stay longer, explore more regions and to spend more.

Our marketing activity is mainly based on cooperative campaigns and promotions with partners like airlines, wholesalers, online travel agents and inbound tour operators.

Through Tourism NT, you can also get involved with trade events and missions such as Inbound NT, Adventure NT, ITB Berlin, Australia Marketplace (USA), India Travel Mission and ‘Backpack the Outback’. These events bring tourism industry operators, retail travel and wholesale travel partners from around the world together.

Programs and tools

Tourism Australia has developed a handy checklist as part of its Tourism Export Toolkit (TExT), which helps you assess if you’re ready to go international.

The Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC) has created a program to help businesses connect with the international tourism market. The Know-How for Inbound tourism Excellence (KITE) program gives tourism businesses at all levels of international readiness overall export know-how.

Top tips

Establish good foundations

Marketing internationally is not usually for start-ups. Before you take your business international, build your business at home first and ensure you have strong foundations. This particularly refers to having an online booking system in place and a good network of distribution partners.

Understand your customer

Think about the needs of international visitors—their different travel styles, language differences, cultural and dietary requirements. This is important not only for your product but also for your advertising and promotional material in foreign markets.


It’s essential to understand the intricacies of the roles of third party partners in the international travel distribution system and set up your pricing and rate structures accordingly.

Capitalise on existing relationships

Tourism NT promotes the Northern Territory as ‘Australia’s Outback’ in around 20 countries, including the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Singapore, Japan, China and the USA. Rather than entering unchartered international markets, you’d be well-served to start  with countries where the Northern Territory already has a brand presence.

International media and trade famils

The more international trade professionals and media you are prepared to host on famil trips, the greater your international exposure.

More information

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Media and trade famils

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