The tourism accreditation process improves the quality of tourism businesses and industry standards.

It assures visitors and the tourism industry that you are a professional tourism business that is committed to delivering quality through your business practices, procedures and standards.

In the process of becoming accredited, tourism businesses will undergo a range of checks on things like licenses, customer service standards, risk management procedures and general maintenance.

The benefits to becoming an accredited tourism operator are:

  • improved profitability thanks to better procedures and systems
  • increased employee morale and more effective management
  • better marketing
  • a stronger reputation in the market.

The accreditation programs available for Northern Territory operators are:

Accredited Tourism Business Australia

ATAP – Australian Tourism Accreditation Program – the national tourism accreditation program is suitable for all business types and sizes.

Caravan Industry

The Caravan Industry Association of Australia's National Accreditation Program for the caravan industry in Australia.


China Ready Accreditation – CHINA READY® is a global accreditation system that identifies products and services that Chinese consumers can trust.

Eco Tourism Australia

Ecotourism Australia (EA) is a not-for-profit organisation that delivers certification programs on ecotourism best practice. There’s an Eco Certified program and the ROC (Respecting Our Culture) Certification program.

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