Media and trade familiarisations

Ubirr, Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory, Australia

Tourism NT's objective is to market the NT nationally and internationally. One of the ways in which we do this is through a familiarisation, where Tourism NT invites media to come to the Territory and experience it for themselves, following which they then write an article, blog, or produce a television program based on their experience. Tourism NT may be able to provide financial support for the visiting media.

A great way for NT operators to get exposure in the media is to offer their product to be included in media famil itineraries. This way, when the story is written, or program aired, the operator may rate a mention.

To view a short video about famils, click here.

Tourism operators can leverage from Tourism NT famils in the following ways:

  • Support media familiarisations planned by Tourism NT where possible.
  • Provide visiting journalists and identities with a quality experience which is representative of what is available to a regular visitor.
  • Provide up-to-date business information to Tourism NT about any new experiences available.
  • Share your best photography with Tourism NT and media for editorial use.

How to prepare and make the most of a media famil opportunity

Consider these key points when hosting travelling media:

  • Know who you are hosting. Find out who the participants are, and what publication they are representing. Tourism NT will always provide you the details when asking for support.
  • Arrange for an appropriate staff member to meet and greet your visitors, and accompany the visit if required.
  • Prepare a media kit for participants with any small brochures and business cards, and social media contact details. A USB with a range of information and images or video footage is convenient, and can make it easy for a journalist to write about your product.
  • Be aware of any dietary requirements, phobias or health issues of participants, and arrange activity accordingly.
  • Run on time with activities. Participants will be on a schedule and any delays will impact on their itinerary.
  • Use this opportunity to speak positively about your product, talk about your social media activity and share other traveller’s stories. Encourage questions, and be prepared to answer them.
  • Avoid commenting on political issues, being negative about other products or destinations, or sharing personal opinions unrelated to your product and region. 

How to communicate product information effectively

  • Outline the schedule for any visit clearly on arrival, explaining what the activity will involve.
  • Highlight the key features and selling points for each product.
  • Maintain the agreed schedule of activities; however be open to discussing other experiences where relevant to add value to the visit.
  • Give time for the visiting media to ask questions and understand your product. Offer to email further information or additional answers as a follow up to the visit, and do this promptly.

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